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"There'll Never Be Another Like Me"

Celebrating the legacy of our modern day Mozart, Prince Rogers Nelson aka His Royal Badness. 
PRN,Skipper,Alexander Never Mind,Christopher Tracy,TAFKAP,The Artist,Jamie Starr, or even O(+>
Whatever U may have called him? His name was Prince, and he was definitely FUNKY. With over 38 albums, countless songs,boot legs,videos,pictures and concerts. He was and still is Our Modern Day Mozart. With the most sincere love and I respect I will continue 2 share and educate the masses and spread Purplelicious L0vE

Irresistible Rich <+)O

I Rock , Therefore I Am <+)O


I do not own the rights 2 any of the content on this page. The likeness of Prince,the songs,the videos,pictures or anything Purpleliciously related 2 PRN or The Paisley Park Estate,NPG,UMG,Warner Bro,Photographers,Graphic Artists. All content is shared 4 Educational Purposes Only 
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Irresistible Rich
July 31st 2017

DISCLAIMER - This Channel intends no copyright infringments of any kind, it was built with the only purpose to stand a tribute to The Artist whose Genius represents no obstacle 2 the recognition of him as a natural born multi talented performer. All the credits of the videos,songs,pictures,graphic art etc.... posted here belong 2 their rightful owners, not 2 me or 2
 Princeology 101

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