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As we announced to you in February, 2021 will be the opportunity once again for the Prince Estate to spoil the fans. With the almost simultaneous releases of “The Truth” in a collector's vinyl edition for the needs of Record Store Day on June 12 and the unreleased album “Welcome 2 America” on July 30, Troy Carter and Michael Howe continue to honor the memory. from Prince in the best possible way.


After the release of "20Ten" in 2010, Prince returned to the studio and plans to release a new album. Code name: "Welcome 2 America" .

This release must coincide with the American tour of the same name, which will begin in December 2010 and end in May 2011. But ultimately this album will never be released… until today.

Ten years later, as we commemorate five years since his passing, the Prince Estate piloted by Troy Carter and Michael Howe was no doubt spoiled for choice. Releasing Prince's latest stage performances in a CD / DVD set from the “Piano & A Microphone” tour ? Give a sequel to "Originals" released in 2019 through a "Volume II" demanded body and cries by the fans? Finally, posting "Welcome 2 America" ​​seems like a wise choice in more ways than one.

First of all, of course, it is a question of welcoming, with joy and funk , a change of policy and of the presidency of the United States following the last American election, as if Prince, from where he is, was throwing us a personal message, even if we have known for a long time that the artist was wary of all the politicians of his country.

But it is above all because it is an album entirely thought out, sequenced and finalized by Prince during his lifetime that this album should resonate particularly. Here, no question of a dubious post-mortem collage or a series of scattered songs recorded over several periods, "Welcome 2 America" ​​is indeed a new album produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince. Well, not quite since in this case, Prince had delegated part of the production to Morris Hayes , historical member of the New Power Generation and official musical director of his last tours.

The official track list shows some interesting information. Thus, we see that the album will contain "1000 Light Years From Here" and "When She Comes" . These two titles have already been published on “Hit'N'Run Phase Two” released at the end of 2015 . The first was incorporated into the finale of "Black Muse" while the second was presented in a version that one can imagine later than that present on "Welcome 2 America". We should therefore, logically, end up with the initial versions of these two songs. The other title that we know well is "Hot Summer" that Prince had broadcast in Spring 2010 on several international radio stations including Europe 1 in France, announcing a whole series of upcoming European concerts such as the one at the Citadel in Arras. There again, it will be necessary to check if it is indeed the same version that will be found on “Welcome 2 America”. Last known title, "Stand Up And B Strong" , a cover of Soul Asylum composed by David Pirner, opening track of the album "The Silver Lining" that the group from Minneapolis had released in 2006. We finally know that the lyrics to the track "1010 (Rin Tin Tin)" had been shown to the public as part of the exhibition "My Name Is Prince" and that this song would date from the wild period from 1994/1995 .

We also know that bassist Tal Wilkenfeld and drummer Chris Coleman participated in the recording sessions, two ultra talented musicians and until now foreign to the universe of Prince. Just like the sound engineer Jason Angel who also worked on the album, and whose CV speaks for him since he also worked with John Legend, Björk and Beyoncé .

To mark the occasion and properly celebrate this release which will take place on July 30 , Sony and the Prince Estate have decided to add a Bluray to this new studio album (yes, you read that correctly, a Bluray and not a DVD, but after all we are at Sony, the inventor of this medium) of one of the concerts of the eponymous tour, in this case that of April 28, 2011 which was held at the Forum in Los Angeles .

This new release will be available both in CD , in double LP (note that the album will fit on 3 sides, the fourth side including a "  special engraving "  ), and in a Deluxe Collector's edition presented in a golden box. warm ” designed by designer Mathieu Bitton and creative director Trevor Guy . This set will include, in addition to the CD and double-vinyl, the live Bluray in 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos, but also a 32-page vinyl-format book measuring 12"  by 12", an embossed vellum sleeve which will contain the goodies following; an art photo print, a 35" by 24" poster, a replica of the concert setlist , facsimiles of the concert ticket, the VIP Pass and the Backstage Pass. Once again a very beautiful object, but where it will still be necessary to get rid of the modest sum of 140 € to obtain it.

Who says new release of the Estate, says exclusive product attached to the official site and "Welcome 2 America" ​​will not escape this rule since fans will also have the opportunity to pre-order a limited numbered edition of a 45 rpm golden vinyl . This single will include the studio version of "Welcome 2 America" , as well as an exclusive live version of the song recorded on May 14, 2011 at the Forum . This live version of "Welcome 2 America "  is a medley with "Dreamer" , a song by Prince released in 2009 on "Lotusflow3r ". 

Finally, know that this Sunday, April 11, the American television channel CBS will broadcast a report by journalist Jon Wertheim who will lift a corner of the veil of this future edition, as part of the program "60 Minutes".
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